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Open The Door
To New Tenants

Do you have an available property for rent, but are struggling to find tenants?

While there is a shortage of housing in York Region, COVID-19 has made it harder, and more stressful than ever, to find the right tenants.

That’s why we’ve created the #200Doors campaign — to connect with single and multi-property landlords like you, who depend on full capacity, and to begin conversations on how we can successfully work together to place 200 people in a safe environment.


443 People Housed

183 Landlords Involved

Illustration of a door opening to a happy family.

Benefits for Landlords

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The #200Doors Campaign matches landlords with reliable tenants to ensure a positive, stress-free, win-win outcome.

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As your housing advocates, we will only pair you with quality tenants who will help to fill your vacant units (at market price) and who will thrive and remain housed in that home and community.

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Maximize rental revenue and minimize rental vacancies. That means no more posting on community boards or wasting marketing dollars while trying to find tenants yourself.

“I chose and continue to choose to work with Blue Door to help me select tenants because, thanks to their team of workers, the process has been seamless, effortless and pleasurable. The tenants have been friendly, clean, respectful, and get along with each other.”

– Lance, Landlord with Multiple Properties in York Region

“Blue doors 200 Doors Campaign is a great initiative, not only helping people in need given the current situation, but also providing landlords with a peace of mind and it’s a win-win situation.” 

– Mary, York Region Real Estate Agent 

How You Can Help

There are people in your community who are living in emergency housing or shelters, others are living in unsafe situations and must find safe alternatives.

We’re not asking you to provide a break on rent, just extra consideration of tenants who may not pass a credit check, or don’t have an ID at the ready.

This holiday season, be the key to a safe place to call home.

Connect with us today to learn more about #200Doors

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